Digital Print (Short Run)
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If you want to make a product with a lot of customization, dazzling color, but you need it quick and only in a few copies, we can help you with our digital print from Digital Fuji Xerox Versant 3100 Press.

Our Digital Fuji Xerox Versant 3100 Press offers super digital print technology that creates vibrant color in a very short period of time! Whether using process color, special color, different paper or different finishing touches. With its flexibility, the product limit is endless!

Here are some products that you can make with our digital print:

  1. Photobook
    Say it with photobook!
    Do you have many digital photos? If you have stores thousands of pictures in your devices and you want some of the special pictures to be presented nicely, we have some ideas. Why not print them and put it together in a nicely design photobooks? You can then use the photobooks to entertain your guests, give them to your family or impress your clients with your pictures and stories. It is just more beautiful and memorable than conventional cards!Do you want more? We can also package it in an elegant box. Perfect for gifts and souvenirs! Here are some ideas for your photobooks:

    1. Wedding photobooks
    2. Engagement photobooks
    3. Anniversary photobooks
    4. Travel photobooks
    5. Instagram photobooks
    6. Yearbook photobooks
    7. Graduation photobooks
    8. Baby photobooks
    9. Pet photobooks
    10. Kids photobooks
    11. Professional photobooks
    12. Cookbooks photobooks
    13. Idul Fitri photobooks
    14. Christmas photobooks
    15. Valentine’s Day photobooks
  2. Books and Magazine
    We are sure you have a creative mind with a lot of ideas. You want to share your ideas with your friends and family. Why not make your ideas into a book? With digital press anyone can make book or magazine. Maybe you want to make a special birthday gift for your children? How about write a book for them? Or make a book out of your kids’ art drawings? The ideas are endless!You only need to send us your requirements; your art files and we’ll work from there! Here are some great ideas for you’re your first book and magazines:Promotional products: Catalogues, brochures, flyers, cards, calendars

    1. Travel books
    2. Fiction books
    3. Children story book
    4. Thesis books
    5. Design books
    6. Cook books
    7. Poem books
    8. Diary/Journal book
  3. Promotional products: Catalogues, brochures, flyers, cards, calendars
  4. Fancy products: pop-up books, pop-up cards

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