PT. Gelora Aksara Pratama of Penerbit Erlangga Group. Starting up as a modest printing business on June 1st 1987, gapprint was established with just two used printing machines, operated by 20 employees in a small factory. Initially built to support the thriving business of our sister company, Penerbit Erlangga, which is now one of the leading publishing company in Indonesia (erlangga.co.id). Since its creation, gapprint has always strived to be a technologically advanced printing company, known within the region to deliver timely production and excellent service to each of our customers.

After more than two decades, we have grown to understand the complexities and beauty in the art of printing. Through countless experiences and priceless supports from our clients and partners, we continuously have learned, changed and improved.

Today we have become an industry leader in our market and has received ISO 9001:2015 in Quality Management. Our current workshop in Jalan Haji Baping Raya is home to 700 skilled staffs, world-class 21 offset printing machines and numerous pre-press and post-press machines. In addition to advanced technology as well as technical competence, we exercise strict time and quality management, and infuse our artistry to help our clients turn their ideas into breakthroughs.


To become recognized and respected as a leading quality printing company in Indonesia


PT Gelora Aksara Pratama is dedicated to achieve customers’ satisfaction by crafting the best-quality, innovative, superior and safe printing products. We will continue to have sustainable growth by consistently creating innovative synergy between all of our stakeholders, experience, and technology and quality management system.